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You must have inherited pioneer genes.
Please, share your story!

Every family has its stories. And since you are visiting this website, with virtual exhibition, your story is likely to have a Dutch-Australian connection. Whether you are from a migrant family yourself, or you have migrated family living in Australia, we are very interested to hear your story!

In turn, through the Bridging the Distance project, we can enrich your story by providing access to historic photos, migration cards and other documents that might be kept in the archives. There is an abundance of historical background information to be shared!

Have you ever met your relatives from the other side of the world? Are you alike, do you share a hobby or are you in the same trade as one of your (second) cousins? Please share!

Please fill in the form and we will work together to trace your story.

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I am interested in:
historic information about my family's migration story
doing a double portrait/interview

Stories of both the past and the present brought to life
through the eyes of the third and second generation.

The Van Zanten Family

For years Kyra and Rochelle only vaguely knew about each other’s
existence and their professional interests are anything but alike.
However, their mutual passion for cooking seems to have been inherited
from their great-grandmother, Maria Catharina Van Zanten – Op Den Buijs,
who worked as a cook at a nunnery.



The Boersma Family

Elizabeth and Gerard are ten-year old twins who live in Tasmania.
It was only recently that Elizabeth wrote her first overseas letter to
her third cousin Roosmarijn from Zwolle. They tell about their hobbies,
their Dutchness and how they became acquainted with Roosmarijn.