Bridging the Distance | 1961-and-they-lived-happily-ever-after
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There are many good stories about Dutch migrants.
Despite these stories, the Dutch also have
the highest return rate of all migrants to Australia.
One third of them returned to Holland.

Naturalisation files

It is desired to refer to your submission of Form R.A. 4 in respect of Willem BOETJE […] who desires a change of surname to William BURTON. […] It is regretted that the request cannot be approved

Commonwealth Migration Officer

Like many other migrants Willem Boetjes became naturalised as an Australian citizen. His request for a change of surname however was denied. Bear in mind that your surname might be spelled differently in official documents, when searching your ancestors in the archives. (e.g. Kees became Keith; Jan became John; Guusje became Kusha)
Many migrants have their name enlisted on one of the Welcome Walls in Sydney, Fremantle or Albany.